Biz Faves is the side project of Web Host Pro partner Charles Yarbrough. This easy to use service was created to help small businesses be found. Ever since Charles was a young boy he loved business, from selling missile toe, to lemonade, to bartering baseball cards, if there was a deal to be made he was excited about it. After being part of a global web hosting service since 2001 helping millions of businesses easily get a website Charles has created a couple side projects to give back. Don’t worry though Business Faves will always be amazing, side project or not.

Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding Business Easier.

Most people find business on their phone now-a-days. They pull up Google maps and see what’s close. These are the same people that tend to do the same business routines and use the same type of services. Websites like Business Faves get people out of their box and looking around to try new places in and out of their town. It works too, people that search business directories like Business Faves are 10 times more likely to try something different than their normal type of business.

Serving Your Community

Small business is still the blood of every community, forget the corporate chains and cookie cutter businesses. People want to find businesses that are made from real people, real ideas, and that are part of where they are. In fact more and more people are going away from corporate owned chains and looking for locally owned businesses. This trend is not going anywhere soon, as people understand the importance of small business the big guys will share more and more with independent local business. Whether they like it or not!

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